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Beauty Parlour Services at Home in Pune

We are your personal beauty parlour coach include makeup, hairstyling, manicure, and massage therapies. We ensure to give you best possible quality beauty service with a use of Authentic and specific beauty products that suits your skin and beauty. Our beauty parlour experts will understand all your Skin and body functions and the basis of information Salon team starts working to provide best parlour service even at your home. In addition to this, we believe in beauty with a moral sense. Just check our our Google Reviews we are your best beauty partner.

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We accept bridal and sider makeup order in reasonable rates

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Call us at 9518575039 to book appointment
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Hair keratin treatment for all with shampoo and conditioner

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Get Beauty services at home in pune

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Best Beauty Parlour Services at Home

Are you looking for beauty parlour services at home then you can trust Salon team as we are one of the best leading beauty service providers near you. Our Friendly, skilled, competent, and caring beauty therapists provide hands-on treatments. We employ a staff of certified, well-versed beauty experts. You may put your trust in the courteous, helpful, and friendly team to take care of your beauty needs. Our experts keep up with the latest procedures and are accessible to handle your beauty concerns and answer any questions you may have. Client satisfaction is our top priority. We employ the highly regarded Clarins product line in our facial and body treatments.

We guarantee to provide unrivalled service to our customers. We ensure that our customers receive the greatest and most up-to-date beauty parlour near me. All wellness services are provided by our beauty parlour services at home in Pune. We want to provide the most convenience and comfort to the women by arriving at the specified location and providing wellness treatments at a reasonable cost. Simply provide us with the details, such as when and where, and we will ensure that we arrive near to you at the right time to provide you with the best possible experience.

Our Beauty Parlour Services

  • Facial We Refresh Tired Eyes with a treatment customized to your specific needs, Packed with Antioxidants That Protect You from Damage and here is a Way to ensure you look flawless every day.

  • Clean up Deep Cleanse Your Skin and leaving it fresh and Plump, With Raspberry Antioxidants, Infused. Deeply cleanses clogged pores and exfoliates dead skin, leaving the skin clean and clear. Our Power Of Berries Can Help You Reclaim Your Skin's Beauty.

  • Hair Spa For Your Beautiful Tresses, Here is a best Moisturizing. Leaves your hair hydrated by infusing it with protein-rich fruit and plant extracts with benefits for your hair natural and fresh.

  • Hairstyle With Our Up styles, you can add a little glamour to your evening look. Now, every day, experiment with a new hairstyle with different ideas. To complete your looks, Pamper and Style Your Hair with us.

  • Haircut Now It's Time To Show-Stop Everyday With These Trendy And Glam Outfits. With Our Stylish Haircuts, You will stand out among the Crowd. It will make you look more beautiful than before.

  • Waxing We offer all types of waxing at our salon at home , even for the full body. We help you remove unwanted hair from your full body and even in the Bikini line. Especially we are offering honey waxing without pain.

  • Eyebrows You may get the greatest eyebrow threading without pain from our experts, and it will be tailored to your face. We offer additional safety, upper lips, forehead, and even the entire face.

Beauty Parlour Services at Home

  • Appointments Customers may rapidly book, manage, and road the appointments with our parlour services near me for ladies with just a few touches. Apart from that, our customers receive SMS notifications for Booking and Assigned Beautician when appointments are set.

  • 100% Transparency Products For our customers, we only have genuine and branded products. In front of the customer, the Beautician applies sealed and unused items.

  • User-Friendly The chic and appealing landing page is intended to win the hearts of current customers and entice potential customers to become regular customers.

  • Trained Beauticians All of our experts have received extensive training and certification. All of our Stylists are also subjected to a background check before hiring.

  • Mess Free Service Throughout the sessions, all of our stylists maintain 100 per cent hygiene and clean everything afterwards.

  • Time use Packs For all of our services, we use branded single-use goods and all disposables such as gowns, bed sheets, and towels.

Parlour Service at Home

The design of our salon is influenced by abstract and defined lines, giving it a very modern, luxurious, and fashionable appearance. The salon interiors are primarily inspired by the needs voiced by increasingly knowledgeable and aware customers. Challenges that come with setting up a salon at home in Pune rapidly developing and rapidly changing business. With clients becoming more informed and attentive, we needed to guarantee that we maintained the perception of absolute luxury while remaining cheap. The newest, most modern, and most wealthy items had to be found, and only the best would suffice. While setting up and designing a new beauty parlour near me, we put ourselves in the customer's shoes, feeling and relating to them before making a decision.

Ladies Beauty Parlour Service

We want to give you the greatest beauty parlour service experience possible at a reasonable cost. However, whether it is makeup, hair care, or customer service, we never cut corners on the quality of the items we use for the parlour services we give. The Salon Team aims for long-term caring connections by instilling a feeling of beauty in its consumers. We aim to provide exceptional service at the most competitive prices in town. We are dedicated to providing home parlour service in Pune for people of all ages who are concerned about their appearance. Women who are interested in beauty parlour and makeovers are always hired. As we all know, labour had done with zeal produces incredible outcomes. As a result, our incredible team is on mission to leave a lasting impression on every customer who walks through the door. The Salon Team never tampers your natural beauty instead of enhancing it to its full potential.

Our Vision Our vision is to be a leading customer-centric salon chain that warmly welcomes all customers for an experience that takes them to new heights in quality Hair, Beauty service, and Skin services in a clean, relaxed, and comfortable environment to make their day spectacular.

Customer Promise Our goal is to perfect the art of providing exceptional beauty services and experiences. It is our goal to serve with excellence. We feel obligated to give a relaxing setting that is meticulously designed, detailed, and purposeful so that you can relax more in peace and comfort. Our parlour services at home Pune promises to offer skilled talent and impeccable setting on every visit of us.

Contact us We are always continually up to date on today's latest styles and techniques to offer you the excellent service possible while remaining as comfortable as possible. If you seek any beauty or hair services in Pune but are unsure what you need, our specialists can make some great recommendations and ensure that you receive top-notch care at our salon service. Furthermore, if you have a question that you would like our specialists to answer, please get in touch with us, and your queries will be answered promptly.

Book Your Appointment Now! 09518575039

Q1. What is Beauty Salon Services at Home?

Get Beauty Salon Services at Home from professional beauticians in the comfort of your home. We provide salon at home in services like Waxing, Facial, Manicure, Pedicure, Hair Spa, Hair Straightening, Hair Cutting, Hair Coloring, Body Polishing, Body Massage, Party Makeup, Bleach & Threading. Enjoy 100% hygienic service from top professionals near you with more than 5 years of experience in Pune. Our beauty salon professionals use only branded, one-time usable kits and hygiene-friendly products. Book salon at home Service from The Salon Team and enjoy the service!

Q2. How to Book an Appointment?

Beauty Parlour Service at Home Appointment booking for The Salon Team is very Easy now Just make a call on +91 9518575039. That's It!

Q3. What is the "Hygiene & Visitation Fee"?

The Salon Team provides:

✅ Sterile Kits (Single Use Only) to Maintain Strict Hygiene

✅ Complete Sanitization of All Tools & Surfaces

✅ Beauticians Equipped with Face Shield Mask & Gloves

It required an additional cost to maintain it.

Q4. If I Need an Urgent Appointment, How Much do I Need to Pay Extra?

If you book an ASAP slot with an extra INR 149, we are committed to providing you the beauty parlour services at home within an hour. In case we are late to fulfill the order, we won’t charge INR 149.

Q5. How to Get My Appointment Confirmation?

You can always find the parlour services at home appointment receipt in email as well as In case you have not provided the correct email id/mobile no, you need to contact us via WhatsApp/call.

Be it a service that you need, be it a position that you seek, or you just like what you have seen so far; do not hesitate to reach out. We’re excited to start a conversation.

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